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Intro and History Edit

The Alpenjägers are the recon squad for the Central Powers. The motto of the Alpenjagers is "In Treue Fest", and they are based on historical units that specialised in mountainous terrain - hence their name, which translates to "Mountain Hunters". These soldiers, as well as their counterparts the French Chasseurs, were some of the first units to engage with the enemy, in the hills of the Vosges in 1914.

Alpenjäger's in combat

Alpenjäger's in combat in Vosges

Features Edit

As a recon squad, they are lightly equipped, having no grenades or machine-guns - nor do they use the melee weapons of the frontline troops.

Instead, they have simple but effective rifles, some bayoneted, binoculars, and the recon plane. This leads many players to avoid them, as they believe them to be weak and useless. However, many skilled and experienced players of Verdun love the recon squads for the benefits they bring - namely, their recon plane and their spawn system.

They were light caps instead of helmets, and cut a rather more dashing figure than regular soldiers, as do the French recon elites, the Chasseurs.

The recon plane is their NCO ability, and it simply spawns a plane to fly over the frontline, which then reveals the enemy's position as small red triangles on the minimap - higher level squads drop a single weak bomb from the plane on the place the attack was targeted. This ability can be incredibly useful on large maps, where it is easy for the enemy to hide, or on the night map of Champagne. It is interesting to note that the observer role, probably the least played role in Verdun, also shows nearby enemies on the minimap, when near their NCO.

Their second unique feature is their spawn system, which allows them to spawn on ANY squad-mate, and usually the one closest to the enemy trench. This, together with the recon plane, makes the recon squads highly effective on large maps at attacking enemy trenches, as ANY squad-mate who gets inside the trench can spawn their fellows, and then they can collectively use the plane reconnaissance to attack or defend together.

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