How To Play Edit

"Frontlines" is the most popular type of match played in Verdun. It is a competition between the Central Powers, and the Entente Powers to secure all sectors. Each team has up to sixteen players. Each team is divided into squads of up to four players. The teams alternate between offense and defense ("Attack" vs "Defend"). While on offense the team can score a point by capturing the next trench. If the defending team is able to successfully defend their trench from the attack, then they earn a point. The match ends when one team controls the entire map or the timer runs out.

The next map is chosen randomly. If you use the "Play Now" button, you can be assigned automatically to the match with the most players that still has an open spot.

Rules of Attacking and Defending a Trench Edit

When the attacking team has more players in the target trench they are said to be gaining the trench. They will see a meter filling up to show how close they are to capturing that trench. The members of the defending team inside the target trench will see a meter decreasing showing that that they are losing the trench.

There is a timer that shows how much longer the team on offense has to attack. There are two ways to add precious time to that timer, however. If the team on offense gets the designated amount of kills (30 or 45) they can add time and a message says that the defending team is "taking great losses". If the timer hits zero when the team on offense has at least one man in the target trench, time is added to the timer due to that team having a "foothold".

If the team on offense captures the trench they immediately have to defend the trench they just captured. If the offense runs out of time and the defense gets a point, the team that was defending will start to attack the opposing trench.

Squads and Roles Edit

Each squad is one of two types, Infantry or Recon.

Infantry Squad ("Poilus" or "Landsers") Edit

The four roles of the infantry squad are:

  • NCO
    • "Corporal" in French or "Unteroffizier" in German)
    • Starts out with a pistol but can later unlock a rifle and a grenade
    • Can use binoculars to see enemy positions from a distance
    • Can call down mortars to kill enemies (by pressing Q then right-click)
    • Can set "Move here" markers (by pressing Q then left-click)
    • Squadmates sometimes re-spawn near their NCO
  • Rifleman
    • "Fusilier" in French or "Schütze" in German
    • Has a bayonet on his rifle so that his melee attacks (V) are powerful stabs
  • Machine Gunner (MG)
    • "Mitraileur" or "MG-Schütze"
    • Starts out with a rifle and a pistol, but quickly unlocks a machine gun
    • Players walk slower while carrying a machine gun.
    • The German machine gun must be deployed (right-click) before it can be fired.
  • Grenadier
    • "Grenadier" or "Grenadier"

Recon Squad ("Chasseurs" or "AlpenJägers") Edit

  • NCO
    • Starts out with a rifle
    • Can call in the assistance of recon planes instead of mortars.
    • The recon plane shows the enemy players on the mini-map for a period of time.
    • Can set "Move here" markers (by pressing Q then left-click).
    • Squadmates sometimes re-spawn near their NCO
  • Sniper
    • Can unlock a scope for the rifle
  • Rifleman with binoculars
  • Rifleman with bayonet

Strategy and Tips Edit

  • Role of the NCO
    • Because the Mortar Strike and Recon Plane abilities are really useful, the NCO should try to use them as often as they are available. They are available after a short cool-down time.
    • Because squadmates sometimes re-spawn near the NCO, it's helpful to have the NCO alive near or in the enemy trench while on offense.
  • Maintaining a Foothold
    • While on offense, your team wants to capture the trench and gain a point within the time limit. But a single guy in the trench is all you need for a foothold and time added. With that in mind, it might be useful to hide in or near the enemy trench when the timer is running low.
    • If too many players on offense try to stay back and provide cover fire, the team on defense might be able to easily keep their trench clear of enemies.
  • Communication
    • You can type to your teammates by hitting 'U' (default).
    • Telling your teammates where the enemies are or are not can help your teammates defend or attack better.

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