The G98 (short for Gewehr '98) is a German bolt-action rifle, used by the Landsers' Schutze, MG-Schutze and Grenadier, The Alpenjaeger's Sharfschutze, Uberwacher and Aufklarer, and the Stoßtruppen Waffenspezialist soldier types. It fires rounds from an internal five (5)-round stripper-clip magazine. It was a German service rifle from 1898 to 1935, and was produced by Mauser.

In-game Edit

The G98 is the standard rifle for most German and Austrian troops, along with the Karibiner98

VS Lebel Edit

Pros Edit
  • More wide-spread (used by nearly all Central Powers units), allowing players who have acclimated to it to have easy access to it
  • Faster reload time
Cons Edit
  • It has five (5) rounds, compared to the Lebel's eight (8)
  • More obstructive iron sights than the Lebel
Same Edit
  • It deals the same amount of damage as the Lebel.
  • Near-same accuracy

Rifle DeathmatchEdit

In the RDM mode, It haves the following unlocks : Seitengewher (bayonet), APX Mle 1917 Scope, and stripper clips. These upgrades all cost One (1) Career Point and most be bought in the order above.


The Gewehr '98 in game.

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