The Gew.98, also known as the Gewehr '98 or G98, is a German bolt-action rifle with a five round internal magazine, loaded from a stripper clip. Produced by Mauser, it was a German service rifle from 1898 to 1935.

In-game Edit


The G98 in game.

The G98 is the standard rifle for most German troops, along with the Karabiner 98AZ.

The G98 has a slow bolt-cycle time, obstructive iron sights, and a standard magazine. While its obstructive iron sights allow for extremely accurate rifle fire, it also prevents the player from seeing enemies behind those sights and negatively affects situational awareness.

While the length of the rifle means that it has significantly lessened spread compared to the Kar98AZ, the Karabiner, with a significantly faster bolt speed, the same damage, and the same capacity, is generally the preferable weapon.

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