A shorter version of the Gewehr 98 originally made for cavalry and support unit use. The original model Karabiner 98, with a shorter barrel than the G98, was produced from 1899–1908
– Official Verdun Weapon Guide[2]

The Kar. 98AZ, or Karabiner 98AZ, was a carbine issued to German cavalry, stormtroopers, and various other units during the First World War. With an internal capacity of five rounds, it is loaded with the Mauser 7.92x57mm cartridge and could be loaded one-by-one or loaded with a stripper clip.[3]


Kar98AZ ingame

Screenshot of a Kar98AZ aimed at the sky

It can kill an opponent at close to medium range effectively, and has a relatively short draw time, relatively fast bolt speed, un-obstructive iron sights, and decent internal ammunition capacity.

Compared to its common alternatives, the Gew. 98, Gew. 88/05, and Kar. 89, the Kar. 98 has a faster bolt speed but less power and accuracy. The Kar 98AZ is extremely effective in close-quarters trench warfare.

The Kar. 98AZ can mount a Seitengewehr bayonet.

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