"A shorter version of the Gewehr 98 originally made for cavalry and support unit use. The original model Karabiner 98, with a shorter barrel than the G98, was produced from 1899–1908" ~Official Verdun Weapon Guide

Quick OverviewEdit

The Kar98 was a carbine issued to cavalry, stormtroopers, and various other units during the First World War. It is loaded with a 7.92x57mm cartridge and could be loaded one-by-one or loaded with a stripper clip. It holds 5 rounds, and has an ammo reserve of 200. 

In-game experienceEdit

The Kar98 has decent range, and requires 1 shot to kill an opponent. It is devastating at closer ranges as the combination of shorter barrel (quicker draw) and the unobstructing iron sights are phenomenal. All of this makes the Kar98 AZ rifle the extremely effective in close-quarters trench warfare, and a popular firearm among many.

Kar98AZ ingame

Users Edit

the Kar98 is used by most units and every squad type of German and Austrian squad.

Links Edit

Kar98 AZ on Wikipedia

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