The Lee Enfield No.1 Mark III is the standard bolt-action infantry rifle for British and Canadian forces in the game Verdun.


First person view.

The magazine is able to hold ten rounds, and is reloaded with a 5-round stripper clip. The reloading process is very slow, but can be cancelled at the player's will.

Attachments Edit

The rifle has two attachments:

  1. M1907 SMLE Bayonet
  2. Aldis M1916 Scope

Like all attachments, these cost one career point each to unlock and can be removed at any time.

Accuracy Edit

On it's own, the Lee Enfield Mk. III isn't a very accurate rifle on it's own. However, it's high rate of fire compensates for this.
  • The rifle with the scope attachment.
  • Aiming the rifle.
  • Slowly reloading the rifle.
Like all rifles, the lack of accuracy can be improved by crouching, proning, or aiming.

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