"Fed with a 10-round clip the large magazine and effectiveness made this handgun a favorite amongst soldiers. It saw military service by German half way WW1 and were also carried by officers from other nations as private purchases" ~Verdun official weapons guide

Mauser C96

Overview Edit

The Mauser C96 is a semi automatic clip-fed handgun issued to the Sturmpioneers. The mauser C96 has a distinguished look for a pistol (some would rather say elegant). It was introduced alongside the free Horrors of War DLC.

Ingame Edit

The mauser has about the same damage as the Luger pistol. But is has a slightly higher rate of fire and doesnt block the users aim everytime it a bullet is triggered. It has also the largest magazine of all pistols ingame (excluding the artillery luger). the main disadvantage of the weapon is that it has to be empty before reloading.
The mauser C96 has about the same damage as the Luger pistol, but has a higher rate of fire. besides that it hasn't a lever that is pulled in front of the users aim. Therefore a C96 user can better track his targets. because the C96 is fed with a 10 rounds clip, it cannot be loaded un-empty. so it must be emptied before reloading.

Trivia Edit

  • The mauser C96 was the first weapon introduced in the "weapon wednesday" teasers
  • It is the only pistol that hasn't got the magazine in the handle. Because of that it is also the only pistol that is fed with a stripper clip instead of a box magazine.
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