"The Berthier design began as the "Mousquetons Berthier" - a series of bolt action cavalry and artillery carbines with distinctly different actions from the Mle 1886M93 8mm Lebel rifle. For instance the Berthier carbine's bolt lugs do lock vertically into the receiver instead of horizontally as in the Lebel rifle." ~Official Verdun Weapons Guide


Quick Overview Edit

The Mousqueton Mle. 1892 Berthier is the carbine version of the original Berthier rifle. this rifle holds a 3 round en-bloc magazine and has a fast bolt cycle time. the carbine was mainly issued to cavalry and artillerymen.

In-game experience Edit

This carbine is the choice for many players in close engagements, thanks to its fast cycle time and the fact that it only requires one bullet to kill an opponent. the main drawback of this carbine is that it can't be reloaded one-by-one and it isn't even possible to reload an empty magazine. not to mention it has only 3 rounds in the magazine, but the reload time is extremely fast (about the same time as the luger or the ruby). although the accuracy rather low for a carbine, making it hard to hit enemies at longer ranges.

The carbine is a good choice for run-and-gun tactics and trench engagements. The carbine can be attached with a Rosalie bayonet and a APX rifle scope (the scope only in RDM and Attrition).

Users Edit

The Mousqueton is used by the Poilus Caporal and Grenadier (both lvl 3). It is also used by all Chasseurs Alpins classes.

Trivia Edit

It should be noted that the French translation of the a carbine is "carabine" instead of "mousqueton". A "mousqueton" is a carabiner, a metal hook used for safety while climbing, parachuting or high altitude constructions. The possible reason why this carbine was called "mousqueton" is most likely because carabiniers (cavalrymen equipped with short rifles or pistols) used these hooks to attach the weapon to their belt or bandolier.

Links Edit

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