Verdun may feature a number of multiplayer gametypes. At present, only Frontlines and Rifle Deathmatch (free-for-all) modes are supported. These game modes include:


This squad based game mode is inspired by the characteristic trench warfare of the First World War. It allows players to experience true trench warfare. The game map is divided into many trench sectors which can be captured by either side. This creates a real time moving frontline where every captured meter counts. A faction wins by holding onto the majority of the trenches or by wiping the enemy from the map by taking all trenchlines. 


In Offensive the map is divided into several consecutive sectors. The attacking team has to push back the defenders sector by sector to gain victory. 

Last standEdit

In this gamemode, you and your squad are outnumbered and have to fight against a horde of AI enemies.

Rifle DeathmatchEdit

Verdun also features a classic free for all game mode. The WWI weaponry gives this game mode a twist since the main weapons used are bolt action rifles. This makes free for all in Verdun a return to the era of the popular rifle-only mods.

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